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Feedback (2)
Thank you crowwwn for your feedback. By the way the horizontal scroll bar is supposed to be hovering enabled. So when the user hovers over a category in that bar, the sub categories under them will show as a floating list. But it was difficult to show that on the design as it would cover the main elements.
Hey Kailash, thanks for participating again this week! First, I like that you have thought about and show the range of devices this design works on. The usability of your work is great, the search bar is easy to find and the filters and results make a lot of sense. I am not sure why you have included the categories twice on the desktop screen. I think you could get rid of the horizontal bar of categories and just leave the dropdown. Another thought would be to add that to the search bar itself since it's likely the users understand what type of designer they are looking for before they even search. Visually I think you have done a great job laying out and displaying your work. The primary button color is highlighting the most important parts of the designs and you have a clear hierarchy that lets me quickly digest and move through the screens. My only suggestion would be to put the remaining categories in the horizontal bar under the main navigation into a more dropdown. It's often difficult to scroll horizontally on a laptop or computer and it also makes it so none of your content is cut off. I hope some of these suggestions will help, thanks again for participating!