Savingzz is a web-based app that allows the user to keep track of the savings and expenses, recent transactions, set limits for transactions and much more!. Here the expense limit feature prevents the user from overspending on something. Also, the app allows users to send/receive money and also to have an exclusive debit card.

Feedback (2)
Great Work
Hey Arshad, thanks for submitting your work! You have done a great job surfacing a lot of information and displaying it in a way that's easy to digest. I like that you have included a spending limit as well as an easy way to deactivate a card if it gets stolen. I can see what categories I am spending my money on and my only wish is that I could see what I am spending this month vs the month before so I know if I am saving more or less. Visually I think you have created a really clean dashboard. I would consider centering the content in the white part of the design. Right now the content is closer to the right side of the screen. I would also consider darkening your subtext since it's getting light and can be hard to read. I would also consider how you're using specific colors. In a financial app like this, I would save green and red to show increases and decreases in value. You have used green for the electronics and the gaming transaction and I think it fights for attention and adds confusion. As always these are just my suggestions and I hope they help but it's always good to get multiple opinions.