Sai Prasad R
These are 4 sample screens of a mobile banking application that lets you carry out your everyday banking activities and helps you track your expenses.

Feedback (2)
Hello, Thank you so much for your feedback. I will consider them and implement them going forward
Hey Sai, thank you for submitting your work in this week's challenge! When I land on your home screen I wish there was more information summarized. I think you have done a good job showing a list of recent transactions but I would like to see how much I have spent in the last month as well as how much money I am making. This would help me better understand my finances so I can start saving efficiently. Visually I would consider looking at other modern applications and taking some of the colors and components from them. You have a lot of great content, I just think that some of the visual work is a bit dated. Specifically, you could use really big and bold text to show the account balance, or use an updated chart style to start making the style more modern. As always these are just my suggestions and I hope they help but it's always good to get multiple opinions.