While saving money, you don't know where you are spending and end up not saving as much as you wanted? SmartSave is here to save you! SmartSave is a savings app that allows users to view their recent transactions, savings and expenses, compare and analyse them. It also allows the users to set a limit for expenses so that they don't overspend for that month.

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Kailash bb op 😂✌️
Nice work man carry on ♥️
@crowwwn Thank you so much for your valuable feedback!
Hey Kailash, thanks for continuing to participate in our design challenges! Your design is fully thought out and is very straightforward and easy to use. I especially like the feature you have added to set a limit for users so they can't go over their budget. I think you have clearly shown how the money has been spent and grouped them in a visually pleasing and easy-to-use way. I also like that you have a saving vs. expenses chart. I don't know if I agree that it should be shown daily though, I think monthly or weekly might be a better cadence. Visually the colors you have used combined with the layout and illustrations all come together to make an appealing app. I would continue to consider color contrast since that's something you seem to struggle with week to week. I would also double-check for mistakes in your work since the gear icon says calendar on the last screen and I think it's an error. Overall you have done a great job, beautiful work! As always these are just my suggestions and I hope they help but it's always good to get multiple opinions.