Keeping all financial aspects in mind I designed UI Of This Financial Saver Application Namely "FinSaver" Tried To Cover Expenses Screen Also

Feedback (1)
Hey Hardix, thanks again for submitting your work! I think you have done a great job giving an overview of what a person is spending, how much money they have, and what they spent their money on. I see that you have a section for people to create a goal, but I don't see that reflected anywhere else in the app. It would be awesome to be able to pick a goal for the categories you're trying to save on and then see from the dashboard whether or not you're going to reach that goal. Visually I would consider the market you're directing your work towards. If you look at color theory certain colors represent trust and make you feel like a company is secure. With the colors you have chosen I feel like this is a fun app, but not something I would want to connect my bank account to. That's my personal opinion though. I also would suggest that you add more space between sections. Specifically, on the expenses screen, you could have given more space between categories as well as made the brand logos smaller so everything isn't competing for attention. You could also try separating each category by adding cards, this would help break up the screen. As always these are just my suggestions and I hope they help but it's always good to get multiple opinions.