Asit Kumar

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Thank You Crowwwn for your Feedbacks. I will really look into it and work upon it..
Nice one bro🤘🔥👏
Eda niceeee one
Appreciable 👍
Nice design with clean UI. Just the text which appears can be changed to white Rest is all Good with pleasant user flow. Keep going.
Mauj kardi bete..heavy designer lagte ho
Bete oh bete mauj kardi
Tum toh bade heavy designer ho bete
Mauj kardi bete
Waav modiji waav
Bete oh bete moj kardi,bade heavy designer ho tum tho
Bhai moj kardi
This is amazing..keep the good work going
Bete mauj krdi
Hello Asit, thanks for participating in this week's challenge! The experience you have created seems easy to understand but there are a few things making me question how I would interact with it. The first screen says "Board" and it looks like the app name but it also has a back arrow and tags which makes me think I am looking at search results. The curated galleries also look like a landing page but it also has a back arrow so I am not sure where it would take me. Visually I think you have created some very clean screens, I worry that the cart Icon and the text may get lost in the gradient you have chosen. I would suggest using all-white text, a solid button, or a gradient that's less drastic so you can use white or black text for the entire thing. I would also suggest giving your labels more saturation. "Artist, size, etc." are all so light I can barely read them. They look great but unfortunately aren't accessible for all users. I hope this feedback helps! Please keep in mind that my feedback is just a suggestion and that it's always good to get feedback from multiple people.