This was my first challenge here. I was a regular member of Crowwwn and I was always inspired by people posting their work. I finally decided to step up and be a part instead of just being an observer. The best I could gather from the problem was to provide users an experience on which they can minimize the junk mails they receive without leaving a screen or tab and which was also easy to understand. And this is my solution for that use case. It may not receive the attention I want it to, I'd be happy whatsoever because I got a chance to be a part of this.

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Thankyou so much 🥰
Thankyou so much for your feedback 🥰
Good job :)👏🏽👏🏽
This is very good solution for the people having problem of receiving bulk of junk mails. Very usefull work👍👍👍
Thankyou all 🥰
Great Job Mahnoor 👍🏻
Great work Mahnoor, all the best!
Thank you for your thoughtful feedback. I'll try to make it more better.
Hi Mahnoor, I am excited that you decided to participate in this week's challenge. Thank you for being a part of Crowwwn and taking the time to participate for the first time. The interface you have designed is really clean and has a familiar layout that I would expect when I come to an email provider. You have done a great job using the space around the screen without making it too overwhelming for users. I would consider giving the modals that pop up when unsubscribing more white space. Right now the buttons and text are close to the edge and I think more padding around the entire thing would make it seem less busy. The experience for being able to unsubscribe from the email screen is easy to understand and use. You have solved the problem of reducing junk mail from the email client. I also like that you have pulled all the subscriptions the user has. Personally, I am subscribed to a lot of different newsletters and if I could see a view with all my subscriptions it would make it a lot easier for me to stay organized so great work. I hope this feedback helps! Please keep in mind that my feedback is just a suggestion and that it's always good to get feedback from multiple people.