Getting spammed by companies after buying a house or an apartment? Or getting spammed by any unwanted people? Anti-Spam is here to protect you from those spammers! If you want to block a category of spammers, just mention it and Anti-Spam will automatically detect the mails relating to that category and block those mails alone. Anti-Spam also has a feature in addition to complete spam block where specified IPs will be blocked from sending you mails .

Feedback (2)
Thank you @crowwwn for the feedback!
Hey Kailash, thanks for continuing to participate in our design challenges. Visually your work looks great! The way you arranged the page makes it easy to digest and you have achieved a clear hierarchy using different font weights and colors. I would consider accessibility when it comes to color. The text on the left side of the chart looks a bit light, it may be hard for some users to see. The text within the "email address" form is also hard to read since it has that blue background. The experience overall is straightforward and would be a great way to block unwanted emails. I especially like the orange card that gives users more information around what IPs are being blocked. One thing I would consider adding is text to the icons within the navigation. While a few of them are universal and easy to understand, I would have to click into the rest of them to know where they would bring me. Well done and thanks again for participating! Please keep in mind that my feedback is just a suggestion and that it's always good to get feedback from multiple people.