This is the web design for ADvance - a fictional platform where users can share the advertisements they've created with people in the industry and receive direct feedback before publishing them. Here I have posted a User Dashboard and Ad Review pages, and I will post a more detailed version of my design to my Behance Portfolio (link in profile) a little later on :)

Feedback (2)
Hello! Thank you very much for your feedback and for pointing out the problem with the card radius! It was a resizing issue and thanks to you I could fix it in time for the submission I posted to my Behance Portfolio, which you can see here - . Your feedback was incredibly helpful and i simply can't wait for the next challenge! Cheers & all the best! :)
Hi Maria, thank you for participating in our design challenge! I think you have done an amazing job breaking down this week's challenge and creating an experience that solves the problem. Being able to upload an advertisement and get qualitative and quantitative feedback from professionals would be extremely useful. You have also created a dashboard that has a great layout and is easy to digest. Visually you have done a great job using consistent colors in your UI and images. I would watch out for variations in corner radius when there doesn't need to be. The radius of most of your cards is the same, but one has a lot higher radius and your button has a lot smaller radius. I would also consider the amount of focus you are giving on the "This week, this month, all time" filters. While it's important for users to understand how a list is organized, I think these filters may call too much attention and distract from other more important items on the page. Overall you have done a great job, you should be proud of what you have accomplished in just a week. I hope my feedback helps. Please keep in mind that my feedback is just a suggestion and that it's always good to get feedback from multiple people.