Want to get feedback on your advertisements and banners from the industry people before publishing? "Share" is here to provide a solution. This app allows the user to share his/her work with a particular member or to an entire community of people relating to the work. The community people share their feedback and also rate the work from 1-10. The app provides the user, the freedom to select the communities to which his/her work must be shared. "Share" also allows the user to chat with the critics and other people seemlessly and gather their info about their video commercial or banner ads.

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great work homie
@vikram Thanks dude!
@crowwwn Thank you so much for your valuable feedback!
Thanks for participating Kailash, I think this platform of different communities to share advertisements on is a really cool idea. The layout of your design is great, it is easy to read and has a clear hierarchy. The call-to-action buttons are easy to find and I know what I am supposed to be doing on each of the screens. I would consider adding a dark background or something behind the text on the images. This will make it so the text's contrast is always high enough and is legible. As far as the experience goes, I would love to see more detail around what type of feedback users are receiving and what would happen when I click "detailed feedback". Nothing on the landing page or within the screens you mocked up mentions what type of feedback users will be getting, and I think that's a core part of the experience. Great work overall and thanks again for participating. Please keep in mind that my feedback is just a suggestion and that it's always good to get feedback from multiple people.