Vatsal Shah
I have done research and analysis of cloud storages. Using automated detection of duplicate images and bad quality images user can easily clear up space. Do vote for my design if you like it!💜
I have done research and analysis of cloud storages. Using automated detection of duplicate images and bad quality images user can easily clear up space. Do vote for my design if you like it!💜

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Hey @Ani Thank you for your feedback! Although I would like to clarify some points here. -There is no option to scan here! User does not need to scan. It works automatically with the help of sync thus saving users step. Also it is very much possible!! You can check out google files for that, they are using the same functionality. -Images are thumbnails right now but how we see in our phone's gallery, it works same here. Just by tapping on image user can view it before selection. I have used the law of familiarity here! -Again as I said it works just like how our phone's gallery work, user does not need to click on radio button to select it but just click on image once selection is on to select as many images as many user wants just by tapping on image and not specifically on radio button. Also it is not radio button but check box!
Hey @Hrithik Bokde Thank you for your valuable feedback! I think by bad images the challenge means low resolution and blurry images which is shown there. Now that you have pointed it out I think one primary CTA to clean all images at once should have been added About hierarchy in text I think I have pretty much kept hierarchy but if you think so I might work on it now!
Thank you! @Nikhil N
Hey Lucky! Thank you for such nice words. About the process: 1.Intense research, get as many information competitors as you can get. 2. Problems: Understand the problem statement accurately then find problems in competitor's design. 3.Solution: I make 2-3 iterations before I get to a solution. 4. Design: Always look for inspiration, pick the one that you would love to see, make it a base for your design. 5. For color scheme see dribbble,, etc.
Hey @arup Thank you for your feedback! I have not given scanning in the app so there is no point of giving scanning indicator. The app will directly detect duplicate and blurry images without scanning just like google files do!
Thanks @charmi shah
Thank you @manan patel
Hey Vatsal, What I loved? 1. The 'Storage analytics' on the top is quite helpful for the user to know how much space is left. 2. Great idea to categorize duplicate images into groups and then already select duplicate ones for the user, really reduces the time to complete the task. What were the problems? 1. You have not given any scanning option to the user, so I assume that the scan will run automatically as the user downloads the app. Which is not possible and is a bad UX practice, to run operations without consent. 2. The Images are too small for a user to easily identify if they are good or bad ones. 3. Also, selecting those images by clicking on the radio button(common practice) is too little of a surface area on a phone screen to select. Possible Solutions: 1. Dedicate the home screen to buttons like, 'scanning full phone', 'scanning x folder' etc. 2. Give a little button on image to preview photos before selecting 3. Increase the size of the images and allow the images to be clickable(if they are not already)
Hey Vatsal! You have done an excellent job in solving this week's challenge. I love that users can see how much storage can they save upto if they deleted the bad images. Selecting and unselecting different images within each group is also a great feature. However, what if the user wants to cleanup all the bad images at once (all 6.5gb of images) The user would not want to go inside every group or rather just delete group by group. So a clean all button would be really helpful for that scenario. Visually I feel you can set some more hierarchy in texts. Right now you have used same font weights and sizes for multiple things which does not let me steer my attention to where it actually should have been. Design looks really clean though, no doubt. Good Luck.
Inclusive UI Color Scheme, so all things are consistent , user-friendly interface, clean and simple ux ,
looks great..! it needs some cool color combination
Amazing !! Color scheme , icons , buttons and menu Everything is so clean and consistent. Great work. I would like to know the process you follow and any recommendation for choosing color scheme.
1. UI color scheme is on point. 2. Flow is also smooth 3. Default delete files selected on point. However, Scanning phone should require “scanning completion percentage indicator” as in such case user having a lot of data will know how much data has been scanned.
Impressive UI!! It is looking very neat and clean.😀
Loved the user flow as well as design! Color scheme, typography, layout everything seems perfect.