Hello, here is this week’s challenge design work. Presenting a mobile Insurance App that lets you compare plans before choosing the right policy suited for you and your family.
Hello, here is this week’s challenge design work. Presenting a mobile Insurance App that lets you compare plans before choosing the right policy suited for you and your family.

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Hi Kajal, Firstly I would like to say that the design looks pretty neat and the black/ dark blue color that you have used at places and in the illustrations bring uniformity through the app. Te colors used in 1st screen in policies section is also very nice it add an interesting element to the app. There are few things that I feel the design can be improved upon: 1. As the brief suggests they should get to know which is the best plan for their family. I do not see any screen where I can see plans for the family. There should be more screens where you get to know how are they coming up with family plans and their comparison. 2. The black color of the navigation bar is is the first thing that I see on the screen, ideally it should not have black color because my attention should go on the content of the home screen first and not the bottom navigation bar. CTA also has the same color which is creating more confusion. Once you select something on the home screen and you are further into the next screens the bottom navigation bar should go away (in screen 2,3,4 and 5) The icons used has a thin grey line and the grey color used has very less contrast with the background it is difficult for me to see the complete icon as a whole. Like in notification the first thing I see is the dot and not the entire bell icon. 3. I see a green patch in screen 2 behind amount, I feel it has no functional used and is added just for asthetics. It feel is creating imbalance and unnecessarily cluttering the space. Similarly in screen 3 and 4 where + with green circle is hanging in the air. 4. In the second screen what is the amount ₹65k for month/ years is not clear it also doesn't show how much coverage you will get with this amount and using "k" in ₹65k doesn't seem to be used in formal setting (feels informal). I am not sure everyone will understand. 5. Comparing plans is very difficult because the person cannot see the information side by side. 6. I fill if there is text besides the sort by icon in screen 2 there should be text besides filter too saying filters to maintain uniformity. 7. In screen 2 in the healthify card at the bottom it is written there are 3 plans and in the next screen I see only 2 plans which is individual and family plan. Why is it saying 3 plans then?
Hi Kajal, I'd like to suggest some points : 1. Fonts size used and even the colour contrast used on banner text in 2nd screen is not readable/visible. 2. Adding third screen increases the step to compare plans and also demotivates user to step back instead of buying. You could have shown selection to compare policies on second screen. 3. User would like to see what premium he can afford to pay monthly/annually then he will go ahead. It would be better if you can show this on second screen. 4. In first screen, arrow button is unnecessary as user can tap on cards and is affecting the aesthetics of design. 5. In insurance policies most important thing is coverage. User will buy policy on the basis of coverage and in your design there is no such word. "Amount" is for what? Premium or coverage? 6. Side by side comparison view is optimal solution for users rather than scrolling up and down again and remembering the points. 7. In fourth screen, Arogya setu plan is selected to compare then why is there button on card saying "select". If it is already selected? 8. There is no differentiation with Bottom navigation bar and CTA's.
But if you'd add title in active tab, then it would create a placement issue for other icons, hence user may click a wrong icon just because the icon position is changed due to active tabs
Hi Sachin, thank you for your feedback! -the explore button is what the active state looks like - I have allowed comparison with only two plans according to my mobile design, but yes, if there was an option of comparing more than two plans, it would be a problem.
Hi I'd like to suggest some points : - if you can show the "Active" tabs in the bottom menu, that would be easy to navigate as the user will know where he's in the app - the comparison screen will create an issue if the user want to compare more than 2 plans, as he'll have to scroll the screen up and down to see the difference.
Hi Lucky, thank you for such a positive feedback! And yes, I would love to make a prototype version of this.
Hey ! the design is minimal and good , illustrations are pretty perfect . I just have positive views on your design. It would be more better to see this in prototype version.
Hi Rajdeep, thank you for your appreciation. And yes, now that you pointed it out, I should have used a different colour or did something else with the style of the navbar. Thank you for your feedback!
Hi Kajal, The design looks clean and modern! I would suggest using the primary color (Dark blue in this design) with more thought. The user will get confused between the Navbar and the Buy Now button as they have the same shade of blue.