Anand K
This is a Sales Tracking Dashboard Design. You can track your sales activity every day. I hope you will like this concept. :)
This is a Sales Tracking Dashboard Design. You can track your sales activity every day. I hope you will like this concept. :)

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Hello @Geetanjali, thanks for the valuable feedback. Happy to help let's connect on Linkedin.
Hello Anand, I looked at your portfolio and I like the minimalist and clean look you provide with your designs (especially the upload media one). I am currently working with an Invoice & Payment platform. We recently raised some seed funding from our round-1. We have been looking to improve our platform interface and give it a clean look. I have been talking to 3-4 people for the task and I would like to talk to you too (in case you are available for work). Could you please share with me your Whatsapp number & your calling number for discussing it further? Best Regards, Geetanjali.
The first impression is really great. Clean UI and solves the problem in a glance. There seems to be some confusion regarding profile overview as others have mentioned too. Do you think a simple arrow to the right and color difference could help users determine that the overview belongs to the selected profile? I loe the use of graphs, even in the closed deals list view. I think they'd be a great addition to the cards too, instead of the rising sales design element. The UI is as good as it can be. Great work!
Hi @Anand, first of all I'd like to say your visual of the design is very prominent and neat, loved it. Also, your approach for displaying a healthy comparison between the employees turned out very smooth. It's just that from UX point of view I wanted to mention something (I might be wrong) when selecting a particular employee (like Giyn Corbett as per your design) the right hand side panel is displaying their outline of sales. But, that being under a common heading of 'Overview' is creating a confusion for user to assume 1200 Deals & $35k order value to be a part of Glyn's achievement. You could have differentiated that portion with some lighter hue of your primary color or maybe something that would blend well with the tabular selection. Overall great work! Good Luck!!
Hi Anand, Nice to see you again I have a doubt regarding calculation, see on Bottom right, Glyn Corbett has some tasks assigned and completion status. if 320 deals are worth $14000, then 1 deal = $43.75 if 120 deals (completed) are worth $1400, then 1 deal = $11.66 so, the conclusion is every deal has different Order value. and you've highlighted the Luke Parker with 525 deals, hopefully you're placing him on 1st Rank on the bases of the deals closed which may not be fair if the order value is much lower than the 4th Rank person. The comparison should be on the basis of Order value. Rest is awesome !
Loved the design... Clean and clear...✨👌
Hi @Alok, Thanks for the feedback So, in companies mainly in the sales sector sales meetings are an important part of the sales process because they're designed to assist in the development of products and services while building relationships, identifying deficiencies and needs, and outlining the product's benefits. So, adding a progress bar helps the user to understand better their employees regarding their communication level as well as relationship-building skills.
@Anand very good job with the color choice! I'm not sure if "Meetings" should have a progress bar as a target to achieve. Can you please help me with your ideology behind this
Thanks for the correction @Annu Ann, Yeah it is 'for' not 'or'
There is a mistake in the menu bar, Upgrade to PRO "or" more resources. I guess it should be "for" m I right?
Very clean eye catching design, keep it up 🙌🙌
Through your design it is very clear to understand about who is top sales person from which position, great ux man❤
Nice color palette, clear typography and clean design great combo🔥🔥