MealApp is a one-stop for all your recipes. From community made recipes to the top rated recipes from professional chefs, curated for amateur home cooks. Creating meals at home is done through three steps. 1. Select a recipe from the dashboard or from the "FEATURE OF THE DAY" 2. Watch the recipes made on the video player 3. Share the meal with your family. The Flow I've broken down the user experience model from sign-up to completing meals. I also wanted to create a gamified feeling for using the app. As a creator myself I wanted to focus on metrics that I know would build good habits for users and cater to the needs of long-term users. The Dashboard is generated content from the community. Every single day people can vote on new recipes and the feature recipe of the day will change daily. The Dish Page is where the selected dish will be shown. It will have the video on the very top, the ratings for the recipe, a brief description for the recipe and who created the recipe. Right below it will be the Ingredients section that shows exactly what the users will need to create the recipe from scratch. If the user does not have the recipe they can quickly create a shopping list and checkout with their favorite mobile/web grocery app, or they can find the items in a grocery store by creating a shopping list. Below that is the instructions itself. If the users chooses to opt out of watching the video, they can read the instructions' step by step. Thanks for reading! For more details on how I created this design check out this page.

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