Namaste!! Pls Review..
Namaste!! Pls Review..

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Thanks Leo and Gnaneshwar for your reviews, it will help me a lot in future projects..
Hi, well done with your colour scheme and the dark theme. pretty clean design overall. few suggestions : 1. the view details is kind of clickable link so it should be more clear you can use your primary colour yellow for it and increase its size by 2-3 px. that card feels misaligned you can align it with recommended badge to make it look cleaner. 2. third screen looks pretty clean could have included wait time on ride image cards . 3. Overall i feel you could have created one more screen for the challenge with individual ride description , wait time and how to get to it
Also, I forgot to mention that your description of your design doesn't help me understand how you solved the problem. I would consider adding a longer description to describe your process or solution.
You have done a great job using images that draw my attention and set the mood for the app. I would consider using a different color for buttons than yellow because it can be difficult for people to see white text on them. I would also stay away from colored drop shadow with a dark theme just because it calls so much attention. Lastly I would consider adding more padding around the text "Flat 20% for student..." it's so close to the edge of the screen and the image that it looks like a mistake. Good luck with the challenge!