Not able to meet your loved ones and give them cards during holidays due to Covid restrictions? Don't worry, MohCards is here to help you make custom cards and share them with your loved ones. Once you log in there will be a pop-up to get your permission for syncing contacts. By syncing your contacts you can directly share your cards with all those people who use MohCards in your contact list. You can sync contacts or undo them anytime from the settings option in the menu. You can use templates to customize cards and then share them with your loved ones via WhatsApp, Instagram, etc if the person doesn't use MohCards.

Feedback (5)
Contentful...Good UX design... But I would like to know the purpose of those two buttons in the 3rd display placed on top right corner
Thank You Kunal D Palekar
Thank You Imtiyaz Ahmed
Good one. Very well thought.
This is one of those designs where you look at it and it's first love.... Its sooo gooooddd... Went through all other designs and this just seems so much better and unbeatable... Believe me it's soo soo good.. I loved the way you made it so cleanly minimal and yet made it so attractive... Its just like saying 'shut up and take my money'....