In this challenge I found a way to send holidays wish card to your loved one that you can customized this by the option given i taken the holidays as Christmas holidays because that we moving forward to the Christmas week 1st screen In this screen you can discover the trends, wish cards ,etc... by selecting the category "Christmas" you can edit the Christmas holiday card 2nd screen In the category "Christmas" you can see more templates available for editing by selecting one you can add text in the next screen 3rd screen In this screen you can add text that are given by the app "preloaded text" or you can add custom text as your wish 4th screen After finish your editing you can share the cards to your loved one's by clicking the social media icons Advance merry Christmas and happy new year

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Asome bruh ❤
Aesthetic design and great skills . Keep it up
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Captivating work !!!!
wonderful UI
Amazing work🥳🥳