The application's goal is to let users report fires to the authorities when they see one so fire fighters can put it out quickly. I conducted some research about what firefighters need to know in the event of a fire. The user can report a fire if there is an internet connection, and the fire service will arrive at the location. If there is no internet connection, there is the option to make an emergency call.A user should enter the location, casualties, and a picture of the location where the fire is occurring (optional). After the user submits the fire report, firefighters will arrive at the location

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Absolutely correct with the case of an house fire which you have showed in your design. But I was referring to a mountain fire. Where time is not the primary constraint but other factors like reaching the mountain top could be . :)
@Shubam Thanks for your feedback!. In fact, emergency calls are the best option, so I included an emergency call option in screen 1. When an emergency situation arises, the user may rush to get the fire service. Entering more information about the context of the fire may irritate the users and it takes a few minutes to complete.I did some research and it seems the most important piece of information that a firefighter needs is the location where the fire is happening.So, I provided the necessary information for the user to fill out as quickly as possible to minimize the amount of time the user has to spend on the form
Design looks dope. But was just wondering, how will it help the firemen to put out a mountain fire quickly? A picture without any other context looks incomplete right? I think a normal phone call would give the firefighters more information about the fire. But love the third screen. You can keep track of the location of the firemen to feel more restless and the phone call button is the cherry on top, just in case they forget to come to the incident area jkjk :D
Thank you Gowtham HM and Shamnad Shah
Great work brother
This is really great, I liked the 3rd screen where you showed the fire truck in the map with the estimated arriving time. Impressive 👏
Thank you for your valuable feedback Imtiyaz Ahmed and Karthika Aravind
I loved this! No hassle for users while using this, and you don't have to worry abt anything in a hurry. I think the solution was way precise and good
Precise and minimal .... Too good :)