i solved this weeks challange by creating a unique interface. it solves and make easier for the user to register an by Just Scanning the product and getting the necessary infos like manufacture date, expiry date. I make sure the date in the home screen is as easy to remember by using nearest word like yesterday, one month, next week to decrease the psychological overload of calculating number of days like 8 days, 5 days, 123 days. I worked with great color pallete to reduce visual overload and make the experience smoother. In the Product screen i make use on a timer to help the user with accurate timing for the expiry date, it was divided into month, day, hour, minute. Thank you

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Yeah ypu can see the item. it will be added vai the information fro the sacnner
Screens for a fridge. How will you scan the items, without being able to see what is being scanned. Will pose a problem I think