The goal is to let the user track the expiration of food in the fridge and to make the user utilize it before it loses its freshness. How will the user know the product's expiration date and lifespan? Users can know the freshness of the product is by scanning the QR code on the product, which shall contain information like manufactured date, fresh before, expiry date. How can the user keep track of the product's expiry? The freshness of the product can be identified in the design in two ways. (1) Emogi Signifiers on the cards of product (2) String text that shows the status beneath the title of products. What if the user forgets to use the product? The products that are about to lose their freshness in 5-7 days will be grouped together. And the user will be reminded to utilize those products. To nudge the user to utilize them, recipes of the dishes that can be prepared with the categories products will be suggested What if there are expired products in the fridge? The list of expired products can be accessed through the widget that shows the number of expired items. And to bring a sense of realisation to the user, the amount of money wasted on the product will also be shown to prevent the user from repeating the wastage.

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