Goutham HM
Hey, Presenting an app that allows you to keep track of the expiry dates of the items you buy, you can use it before it expires. It allows you to just scan the product and add the expiry date or you can do it by manually typing in the details. Also, it reminds you to eat the fruits or use the items before expiry in a friendly manner. Plus you can buy the kitchen items you need from inside the app only like fruits, vegetables, or anything eatables and keep track of their expiry and use it before it expires. What do you think of this concept? Let me know in the comments Thank you, have an amazing day ahead.

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Thank you so much Imtiyaz Ahmed & Michael Shodipo 💖
Dude you total nailed this! I really hope you win this ❤️
Great App Chief. Looks like I need to redesign mine.
Thank you Kailash Saravanan & Shubhda Sharma, I am happy to hear it :)
Hey Goutham, I really like your solution to this problem. You have done a great job of explaining the process. Good luck :)
Love the user flow...and also the reminder which appears on the home screen..i think it just enhances the whole experience of the app