I did research on some smart apps and go inspiration and idea regarding the smart fridge app . I named it " FRESH " this app helps user to track the food items expire dates Some scenario here - if you went out for trip then after few days you will return to your place while returning to your place you want to buy groceries and some food but first you need to know what are the food items inside the fridge and how fresh they are that's the time you can use the fresh app to see the what are the food items available and when they get expire.

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Good work, but I can't zoom this.
Imtiyaz & Norbert, thank you for your concern. We do our best to make sure that upvotes are legitimate and fair but that's easier said than done. We have removed any suspicious votes but we ask that you remember these upvotes don't determine who we choose as a winner. Upvotes are in place to support designers, and that is all. Please email info@crowwwn.com if you have any other concerns.
Okay look people of crowwn! I hear Norbert! This is totally pissing me off. Like how is this even most voted design????? I really hate this. If you can't get things right, that makes you a very bad designer. I sweat my pants preparing for this challenge and I see this? Common man you need to fix this website
This is the proof, how much this website is broken and misleading the challengers. I'm not a jealous or anything. But May I ask that all the voters, how did you zoom in to check this design or did you just vote because you are his friend from facebook? The admins should change the rule for these challenges, since It all going on the wrong way.
Hardwork pays off!