I have solved the problem of time tracking for freelancer.
I have solved the problem of time tracking for freelancer.

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Thank you Jay! :)
Hey Tayyeba, really appreciate that you noticed such small details and thankyou for your feedback :)
Hey Imtiyaz, thank you so much for your feedback! I really appreciate it :)
Nice work!
I like how you have made use of the colors, to create a stress free design, like a time-tracker a web design sounds like sometihng that might give me a little stress as a freelancer but the use of soft colors makes it look soothing and clean
I especially loved how you implemented the time tracker for each process in thr project. It gives even more insight, loved it over all and I hope you win this
Shubhda, this was such a beautiful solution
Hey everyone! I made this time tracker web app for freelancers to easily track the time on each project, so they can get paid accurately for thw eork they do. Timesheet will give information about the exact time spend on the project as well as the amount of the project. there is also an overview of the total hours, billable hours and billable amoint on the page. On the right side there is a time tracker for the ongoing project and information about it. Feedbacks are always appreciated. :)