As the request of this week's challenge was to design an application renting electric scooter quickly, I imagined this app as part of a larger project. It is a website for renting e-scooters and exploring the city. After logging in the app allows the user to locate scooters nearby and to scan the QR code. There is also a profile button on the first screen with additional options. After scanning the QR code, the user has to choose the rental plan and then the method of payment. The payment method has 4 choices (credit card, PayPal, credit, and cash on location) in order to give more options for people who may not want to link their card with a certain account. I find it very useful because in my country there are many people who still don't trust enough to link their cards. I did branding and designed the logo for an imagined rental service named CITY FLOW. The illustrations used are from

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