For this week's challenge, I have designed a very intuitive experience for a carpool app. First choose if you want to offer a ride or find a ride. Then, enter ride details like addresses, time and requirements like no of seats or do you want rides for recurring days. You can even schedule a ride for later and set a time range with your most preferred time. After getting ride matches, you get recommended with the best choice, you also find a helpful metric " route match" It is nothing but how far is your starting location and destination from the Pool's route which might be very convenient for the user. After selecting a ride, you can see the facilities it has to offer also the passengers who would be joining you for the ride. You can also see if the driver is vaccinated or not. In the confirmation page, you can also choose which seats you want to book in the vehicle (if you're too choosy). After confirming the ride, you can navigate to the pickup spot for the pool as well as contact the driver by call, text and voice notes. You can also invite your friends to the same ride. After ride completion, you will earn pool coins which you can use later for ride discounts. You may also rate the driver, write a review, give a tip also share your experience on social media. You can also see how much money and carbon emission was saved by using a carpool.

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