To solve this week’s challenge I dove deep into the user research, collected data from other mobile applications, and did some market research to find features and weaknesses of the competitor apps. Key Highlights: 1) I’ve used the color blue as the base color because I wanted to build a sense of trust with the users. 2)I’ve included a feature that enables women to ride only with female passengers (pink circle) to ensure the safety and comfort of users.

Feedback (7)
This is very awesome. But then I feel the car pool options can have reduced information on each driver. Then probably a “see more” button to unveil the remaining information about the driver. Great work 👍
Since I'm an app developer and I already love this design and UI of the app . Great work , good design. All the best.
The app looks very cool and simple. I really like the colour scheme and overall feel of the app. Everything seems very clear too.
The minimalistic ui of the app makes it easy to the eyes and seems simple to navigate through.
Hey Hrishil, thank you for the feedback and for appreciating the pink circle feature.
Hey Imtiyaz, thank you for the feedback! Yes, I've participated for the first time. My main focus here was on the users. I wanted to make an app that would be easy and quick while using. Hence my approach was to minimize the number of steps involved in the process.
I really liked the simplistic look of the app. The colour and design feel very soft and calming. The app seems easy to navigate through which is a big advantage, in my opinion. The details of all available rides is clearly visible. One feature I really liked is the pink circle that will help women feel safe and secure.