Dhyan Rajesh
Hello Everyone! For this week's challenge (Daily weather) - I have designed 3 main screens 1.Home screen: The User can check the current weather status, can navigate between daily and hourly weather updates, and also the home screen background changes according to the weather which can give an idea quickly to the user even before looking at the weather. 2.Reports: Includes all the details of various aspects and graphs. 3. Notifications: The User can enable notification that gives weather change updates and what should be considered while going out. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.Thank you :)

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Good one !!
Do you have a Dribbble Account???
Good Concept.
Colourful concept and it's cool my boy keep the stakes high
Awesome.Loved the colors.
Nice Design 👍
Great efforts! Keep up the good work
Great concept. Love the use of gradient colors...
Amazing work . Keep going on!!
Good idea.
Brilliant work!! Keep going