For this challenge, I researched some of the most important elements of a weather application. From my reading, I recognized that a breakdown of weather by the hour is important, providing the user a more detailed glance at the weather they can expect within the next couple of hours. Since, the brief suggested that the user would like to know how to dress for the day, having an hourly glance at the weather they should expect is more valuable than merely the highest, lowest, and average weather expected. In addition, I decided to include some key identifying values of the climate, like humidity, wind speed, and air quality index. As the primary goal for the challenge was to enable a user to see see the weather to influence how they should dress for the day, the emphasis is on the current day. Therefore, the weekly forecast is available to the user in a second tab, rather than on the main page. On the home screen of the weather application, the user's current location is emphasized, so as to effectively provide the user the weather in their location. The locations below are ones that the user has previously favorited. To keep the user flow simple, settings for the applications can be reached easily (always at the top right corner). the settings would include a toggle switch for celsius and Fahrenheit, a search bar to add new cities, the ability to remove favorited cities, etc. I'd love to hear from you!

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