This is my solution for this week's Challenge. I created a simple weather app that shows all the relevant information on the home page. It also shows the weekly weather forecast with chance of rain/snow indicator. Along with that you can bookmark your favorite locations to check the weather there anytime. Hope you guys like my Solution :)

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@indranil awesome work. Hello people, could someone let me know which tools or frameworks are used to create these awesome templates ?, Sorry i am new to this , not sure where i could post my queries
Hey Ben, Thank you so much for the feedback.About the weekly forecast, you can see it by scrolling down on the home page but I should have made it more obvious. I also agree with the fact that the icons do look a little blurry with the glow. Maybe it would've been better if I didn't use any glow at all. And yea, about the 2 Wednesdays, I can't believe I didn't notice it till now lol. I should probably stop working up until 3am in the morning and get some sleep instead lol
Absolutely love your colours for this challenge, they complement the weather icons perfectly. Your layout is clean, easy to follow and overall it feels nicely balanced. From the dashboard, the user instantly gets detailed information based off their current location - with the option to search for stats on another location if needed. They can see the weather information for the hours ahead and the second screen shows the overview for the week. Although it’s not clear how the user is able to get to the weekly overview from these examples. The bookmark tab lets the user see their favourite locations at a glance which is exactly what I would need for a weather app when I am traveling! At first I felt the stats text on the 1st screen was a little small but I sized this up on my phone and it works really well! My only comment is that the white glow around the menu buttons makes the selected icon look blurry, maybe if this was a blue hue instead it would work sharper. Also a week with 2 hump days is enough to make anyone mad, haha. Well done and good luck!!