For this week's challenge, I did some research on store inventory management. So I have solved this problem by creating a web-based dashboard for store inventory management in which users can track their inventory, sales, earnings, etc easily on their dashboard.

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Hi Shubda! I really like your project. It's cleand and neat and colours are grate.
Hi Shubhda 👋 - Firstly, I really like your choice of colours with this one. The subtle gradients work well and the overall contrast is visually pleasing. The sidebar elements are easy to read and the hierarchy is instantly noticeable. The main section makes great use of grids and highlights the important stats at a glance. The inventory section quickly lets the user find information on a specific order, if it is in stock and the remaining quantity of that item. The customer list is also a great idea and will help the shop owner quickly chat with customers and view products that are specific to their order. A couple minor suggestions - The search bar element and customer list is hard to distinguish from the background, maybe add a slightly darker stroke or a drop shadow. Personally I find the grey text in the search bar and the customer names a little hard to read unless I zoom in, but this could just be my screen. Overall, this is a fantastic solution to the challenge and look forward to the next post as always! Best of luck Shubhda 🏆☺️
@Hrithik haha what do you think? 😂
@meui/uxdesigner Thank you for the feedback🙌✨ good suggestion about the product name. Noted ✔️
@vaishnavi Thank you so much for the feedback vaishnavi 🙌😍 really appreciate it ❤️
Hattrick or whattt 😍
Hey Shubhda!👋 Everything looks perfect 👌. Except one this you can add PRODUCT NAME next to ORDER ID. Overall it's perfect ❤️
Hey Shubhda! I loved how you laid everything out with enough padding to not make it look busy. Also loved the pastel gradient on the navigation. I am always eager to look at your designs, they are always spot-on! Congratulations on winning the Sports Team Challenge and all the best for this week! ❤