For this week's challenge, I have designed the dashboard of an inventory management app, The dashboard shows all the important information from your total profits earned over time, the units sold till now and also the top selling items which would also indicate the remaining stocks so if the item goes out of stock, you'll get the notice and restock immediately. It also shows sales by area which you can use to show ads to the audience of specific regions and improve traffic for your website.

Feedback (2)
Hey Hrithik! Your submission highlights everything I would need from an inventory app, and I really like the overview bar at the top which shows how many products need to be packed, shipped and delivered etc. This feature is extremely useful and will help the seller manage their shop more efficiently. The top selling items is a nice feature, I recommend that you add more hierarchy to the product names so they stand out from the stock info below. One minor issue I have is that the hamburger menu feels unbalanced on the side bar, maybe if you gave the shop a name to the left of the menu icon it would fill the white space a bit better - Also.. I am a sucker for the glassmorphic effect and love the background frame. It would be awesome to see the white panels with the same glass effect. I think this is a great solution to the challenge and wish you all the best! Look forward to seeing more from you! 🤩
So clean and impressive work Hrithik✨