This is an online store inventory app that helps us to check the orders, profit, sales amount and stock available so that we can run the business in an easier way. It also shows graphical representation for everything.

Feedback (2)
Thank you so much Ben.. for the feedback
Hey Arshad, Great submission to this weeks challenge! I love the minimal colours with this, it makes the UI feel more premium. The analytics overview is super clear and easy to follow, The curved edges makes the UI feel more user friendly and the subtle shadows make the products pop off the page nicely! A couple minor comments from me: the grey colour used for ‘pending, cancelled, bar, & pie’ is a little hard to see which could cause accessibility issues. Also the floating menu shows the home button on the far right, this is usually the first option on a menu and might take the user longer to find the option they are looking for. Nevertheless, this is a great solution to the challenge! best of luck mate! Look forward to seeing more from you 👌