For this week's challenge, I have made 3 screens for the problem. Home screen, Live streaming screen and score card screen. User can stream live match on app and at the same time, can see the scorecard, stats and players info on the screen.

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Hey Ben, Thank you for your detailed feedback! really appreciate it. I agree with your live text point. Maybe I should only put it on the video screen. and the idea behind the background of scorecard is that, in the middle screen information about the match and live streaming is a part of one another but when you start scrolling the page it will become curved and then you can see all the information on the whole screen. I hope you understand the point and I will try to explain things like this in the design itself or in the description :) Thanks for the wishes and best of luck to you too Ben :)
Hey Abdul, thank you for the feedback :) Here are some answers that you asked for : I put Live indicator on the left on the first screen because it was grabbing more attention on the left side when I compared the both sides and I put it on the right on second screen because of the back icon but I think I get what you are trying to say..consistency! About the live indicator, circle vertically aligned won't look good as it will look odd with empty space around the circle. Intresting question about the upcoming matches. As I have only shared limited screens, but I can tell you my idea behind it. When user will scroll through the upcoming matches cards, it will only show 3-4 cards of recent upcoming matches and last card will show 'More" option on it and it will direct the user on a diffrent screen where the user can see any upcoming matches available according to the schedule and categories. I hope you are satisfied with the answer and if you have any other question you can contact me on my instagram. :)
Hey Shubhda! The UI of this app is easy to navigate and the dark theme would reduce eye strain to the user if they are watching live sports for long periods of time. The colour contrasts used are readable and I especially love the Glassmorphism effect to the summary and scorecard! The Airshare option is also a nice touch as many would prefer to watch the games on their TVs while using the phone as a scorecard for latest stats throughout the game. From the match page, the user can access a lot of information if they wish, or keep a summary open while watching the game. On the scorecard page, I really like the idea of highlighting the top player and the use of imagery really grabs my attention - making me want to learn more about this specific player. If you revisited this design in the future, you could add a player stats page or maybe a team stats page with the team colours like you have done with the scorecard. Personally, I don’t think you need the ‘Live’ in 2 places on the middle screen, and the background at the top of scorecard is curved while the middle page’s background is straight - making it a slightly different style. Good design nevertheless! Good luck with the competition and congratulations on 1st place for last weeks challenge - well deserved!
Liked the overall concept. Just had few questions: Why is live indicator to the left on 1st screen and right on the 2nd screen? Why is the circle not vertically centered with the live text ? For upcoming matches, how long will the user have to scroll for a particular date and what if he wants to see the schedule for a particular date? How can that be achieved from your design ?