Hello Everyone! for this challenge I decided to make an application for an Esports app, specifically Valorant. This app allows you to watch Valorant tournaments live, check future matches and check player stats and bio. First Page, in the first page there is a section which shows the live matches going on and also shows the list of matches that are going to happen. Second Page, after clicking on the live match you will go to the pa match page where you will find an option to watch the match live. There's also the scoreboard for both teams which shows live KDA and ADR count ( you can see the second team's score by scrolling down). you can click on any player on the scoreboard to know more about them. Third Page, After clicking on a player in this page you can see their full info including full name, age, stats and bio. That's pretty much it for the explanation. Hope you guys like my solution :)

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Thank you so much Ben :)
thanks Abdul! I'll keep that in mind
Hi Indranil, Good job with this design! Great layout and nice choice of colours! I especially like the scoreboard gradients and character images. The navigation is easy to understand and the players profile looks very smart! Love the neon effect on the infographics and the win/lose history. 10/10 - Best of luck with the challenge mate!
I meant the alignment of the live matches is not matching the alignment of upcoming matches and tomorrow and so on
Hi @Abdul, first of all thanks for the feedback. Now for the upcoming matches section the idea was that the user can tap on the date to open the calendar to select a particular date (like the start menu on windows 10). But we have to do a lot of testing to see if it actually works in real life. And second about the live title not matching, can you explain a bit more about which part is causing the issue. Is it the gradient? I would like get some suggestions to make it better. Thanks again for the feedback.
Liked trhe overall concept. The live matches title does not match the rest of the page titles. For upcoming matches, how long are you expecting the user to scroll in terms of date ? What if i wanted to see the match for 25th of August, how can I go to that specific date ?