Welcome to Beans! The one stop for coffee that won't make you late without compromising on your favorite coffee! Beans is essentially works like your regular barista who knows you and your order but the only difference is that it is without the snorty eye roll and the fact that you can just skip queue and pick up your coffee or have it dropped off at a place of your choosing. Beans has tie-ups with all the major coffee houses like Starbucks, Costa Coffee and more acquiring as we speak. So you can have your same old favorite coffee and bagel every morning without facing the wrath your boss! You pay for your coffee with card or online payment transaction when you place an order as you do in a coffee house. Duh! And if for any reason you have to cancel we refund your money in your wallet. Oh and the rewards which you would normally get on your favorite coffee house is still there the upgrades, birthday drinks and free drinks but all managed under "the beans roof!" So no more getting late to work because of COFFEE!!!

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