For this week's challenge I designed a game streaming platform for web. Nowadays, new streamers face problems in gaining popularity as more and more are people are starting with streaming, so I have put a column where the streams of new streamers will be pushed based on his favourite game. The user will also be able to discover new games popular in the community. During a livestream, a viewer can interact with the streamer with chatting, channel exclusive stickers, donations, live polls and QnA sessions by the streamer. The viewer can also gain channel points by the view time on the stream or by chatting. With channel points, he can join the streamer's club for added benefits, or may purchase the membership of the club. Sometime people tend to donate a huge amount and doesn't get the worthy returns apart from a small shoutout. So the streamer can add people on the livestream and interact with them live. A whole new experience for the user in front of a huge audience.

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