After reading the brief, I immediately made a twitch account and spent a solid hour on there trying to see what gets me personally engaged. I realised that a lot of this is dependant on the streamer itself. 👀 Everytime the streamer read my comment or called my name out I would get butterflies.🦋🦋🦋 I started writing more and more comments and I even got a gift sub which had me completely HOOKED. From this experience I learnt that- •The main emphasis of the interface should be on the chat feature •The use of badges and colours on the chat identity are every important for usability and readability •Donations and Subs should get highlighted so that it draws the eye and allows the streamer to give more attention to those comments •Allowing users to interact with other users on the stream is also an essential part of the experience. Other things I kept in mind- •Web/browser based solution required •Colourful emotes and 3D modern donation icons along with micro animations are important for an immersive experience •Text to Speech live on the stream would lead to further engagement •Inbuilt aesthetic screen overlays in coordination with the UI to welcome new users and highlight donations •Having polls and game modifiers so the audience is directly engaged •Giving the UI a futuristic and fun feel (Dark Mode preferred) This is my first Crown UX challenge and I'm eagerly awaiting your feedback. Let me know you think. Keep Creating <3 Love Simmie

Feedback (2)
I love the colours. Very vibrant choice
its really amazing simran❤