In this weeks challenge I have researched on the topic of user authentication where a user is able to manage all of its accounts easily at one place, when he/she logs into a new device. This application time to time send alerts to the user to mange the security of all his/her accounts. This application also manages bank details and gives time to time reminder to maintain security. Whenever the user tries to login he/she has to provide a six digit code which he/she created so that no one else can access it. The plus sign in the home and account screen is just to add more accounts. This app also provides an option of cloud storage of the details. The shield button is for managing the alerts as well as the security. I hope everyone likes my design. Thank you Crowwwn for such a wonderful platform.

Feedback (3)
Good work Chirag!
Thank you Nadiia Orlova for your feedback, I will surely work on your suggestions.
I like the dark mode with yellow accents, but there's a thing about the input fields (name, email, password)- the shadow/3d thing doesn't really work because they look more like buttons than like text input. Also, I would make the Add button look convex rather than concave- this aligns more with the concept of a button :)