moh arsh
Here is an verification concept to verify the users' account while logging in through a new device. After the user enters his/her mail id and password, a verification code will be sent to the user's mobile no. After verifying the code, if the user is logging through a new device, he/ she should answer a security question and verify his/her touch id to complete the login process.

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Hi JINU.. the user is not signing up.. he's logging in.. so he already has a account.. so his mobile no. would hv been registered already.... and if he wants the code to be sent to his mail he can choose the "send code to email" option
Thank u Ben
Thank u Shubhda
thanks Chirag
how can he get the security code to mobile number when he login with the email id
Such a clean and simple approach to this problem Arshad. Well done! 👏 Great work and Good luck! 🙌
Hi Mohamed 👋. Firstly, I love your monochrome palette and feel the components are well balanced 😍. What I find useful is the ‘resend code’ timer. This will prevent users clicking resend multiple times in a short period and stop them invalidating previously sent codes. The additional security step of asking a personal question and biometrics is a great idea. This will definitely prevent unauthorised logins to this particular app. Great work and best of luck with the competition. I will keep an eye out for your future work 👌 well done!
Great work! Arshad.