I have kept the UI very minimal and focused more on the UX. [L -> R] Screen 1: The login page tells the user to log into his account, via options like username & password or social handles like Google or Facebook. It also has a link to Signup if the user doesn't have an account. Screen 2: Authenticate Page detects it's a new device, tells the user about the security concern, and provides two options for 2-Factor Authorization. Option 1 - answering the security question and Option 2 - enter an OTP sent to the registered mobile number. Screen 3: The server authenticates the user, with some confetti for celebration and provides a way to proceed to the app's homepage.

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You have done a good job Vaishnavi. Just need to focus more on font styles and margins too. Otherwise its clean and simple. 😄
It's awesome 😍
Nice 👍
Wow amazing!!🔥🔥
Great job!! It is aesthetically pleasing 🤩💯
Great work 🤩🤩