Within the app you can browse hundreds of nearby trails, challenges and community events. The trials can be sorted by difficulty, location and a selection of personal preferences such as trails that are suitable for dogs or family-friendly. You can search for parks, trials and by location to discover available trials and their difficulty so you can select the trial most suitable for your skill level. Along with finding trails, you can also unlock awards by completing monthly challenges and participating in community events such as charity walks etc. These are viewable from your profile and encourage you to keep active to unlock more awards. From the app you can also see your daily, monthly and yearly hiking stats which show how far you have walked and number of hikes completed. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below ☺️

Feedback (6)
Hey Ben, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! We apologize for the delay in getting your feedback. You have done a great job surfacing the difficulty of each trail so the user knows how hard the hike is going to be before they navigate into it. This helps reduce the amount of wasted time, which helps them get to the mountain faster. I like that you have included groups to allows users to search for hikes that are just scenic or dog friendly. This helps the user tailor their results without much work. Something you could consider is allowing the user to level up their skill level after they have tracked enough stats. This may keep them on the app longer and introduce them to more locations. Visually I consider displaying your designs with more space between each screen. Right now there is so much content being displayed it's hard to digest. When I look at each screen individually I am impressed so I think displaying your work differently would help the overall design. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!
Great design Ben, but looks a bit clustered
Appreciate the feedback Ammaar, I've tried to keep the design practical in terms of screen space but do agree with you! In the next challenge I will take advantage of more white space! 🤩
Ben I know the design is great but I think they look all packed up no breathing space...
Thanks Shubhda! 🤩👌
Great work! Keep it up Ben. :)