For this challenge I created a hiking app that has many hiking locations all over the world for the user to explore. In the first page there is a list of most popular hiking locations that the user can explore and a search bar that helps the user find any particular destination or hikes, users can also use their gps to locate their destination. In the Second page, after the user has selected their destination, there will be a list of all trails available and there will be different categories like beginner, expert, popular etc. so that the user can filter hikes according to their skill and tastes. In the Third page after the user has selected a hike there are photos of scenery in the hike, all the necessary information of the hike and a book now option. That's pretty much it, I hope this solution is effective. Do let me know what you think!

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Thank you so much for the feedback Crowwwn. Just to clear some confusion in the first page these are not tours, tey ae hiking locations that the users can explore and the reason I added a pay option is because I wanted to create a hiking service with instructors and there are many hikes which doesn't allow someone without experience to go alone. In terms of the visual issues I completely agree with your points. I'm still a student who just started learning UI/UX design so these feedbacks are really helpful.
Hey Indranil, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! We apologize for the delay in getting your feedback. You have done a great job solving this week's challenge by making an app that's easy to digest and use. I especially like the way you show the difficulty on each screen so the user doesn't have to navigate in and out of the hiking trails to see if it's right for them. From the two left screens, I don't get that this is a tour that people can go on so I am a little confused why the person would have to pay to hike. Visually I love the monochrome color scheme and your use of dark grey/black to show primary buttons. I would consider whether or not the navigation should be the main focus on each page. I would suggest making that lighter and possibly making a dark header to turn the user's attention towards to top of the hierarchy. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!
Thanks Shubhda :)
Looks really good Indranil :) Keep it up!