In first frame I have given a Discover trails section which will help users to see reviews of that trail and choose best for them. In reviews they will get to see pictures and information of that place. I have kept the second frame simple where users will get to select their trail by pictures and name easily and by clicking on view more they will be navigated to third frame where they will get to know detail about their place. Here they will be able to know what activities and services they will be getting during hiking. By clicking on Tracks in services they will be navigated to 4th frame where they will be able to see the overview of the place and by clicking on detailed map they will get detail map of their hiking.

Feedback (1)
Hi Samiksha, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I like that you have included features like showing the activities people can enjoy by each mountain, but I don't see any way to quickly see how difficult each of the hikes are. I see on the far right screen that you have the height and length of the hike, which will help the user understand how difficult it may be, but it may improve the experience if you said whether the difficulty was "Easy" or "Difficult". You could also tag the images within the explore page to let users know which trails were easy and which ones were more difficult so they don't have to navigate into each one to figure out. Visually I would suggest trying to improve the hierarchy on the home page. Your illustration seems a bit big and overpowering which is pulling the focus away from the primary button. I like the way you have titles on each page but make sure you're consistent with the space between them so the design seems like it's done on purpose. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!