Kishor H K
This is my solution for this week's challenge, The Trials are categorized in order of skillset. So, I can pick the best one which suits my skill level. I can have a favorites list. Update photos and reviews on all my trial experiences. Before picking a trail I can check reviews, ratings, tips, and even photos of the trips shared by other users.

Feedback (1)
Hello Kishor, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! You have done a great job making the difficulty of each trail easy to find. I may consider making it even easier by saying "Beginner, moderate, experienced.." rather than using multiple words for the tag. This may help you scale this tag to different languages and smaller images. I really like the quick search sections you have included and like the idea that this is more of a social platform where users can take photos and share them. Visually I would consider giving the text within the blue squares a bit more padding on both the top/bottom and left/right sides. Right now the text looks like it's smashed into the component. I would also be careful using the dark blue color on the dark grey background since it doesn't have much contrast and can be hard to read. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!