Neighbourly is an application which helps people meet their neighbours and interact with them easily. This app will help us to locate the neighbour in our neighbourhood. It offer various features like normal call, video call and text message. It also provides a feature where neighbours can put up stories for other people to see. I hope everyone likes my design and I am open for any suggestion on the ui or the ux part. Thanks Crowwwn for make such great platform.

Feedback (2)
Thank you so much Andy for your feedback, I will try to work on your suggestions.
Hey Chirag! Thank you for taking the time to come up with this solution and to share it here! As the guest judge for this week's challenge, I am very excited to offer some feedback on what you did great and where this experience could potentially see some improvement. Overall Solution Nice work. I like how you are focusing on allowing your users to mainly locate, connect, and chat with their neighbors. UX On your home screen, I wasn't clear on the difference between the horizontal list of neighbors in the purple header or the grid list of neighbors in the section below. I wonder if having labels for those sections would help me better understand their distinction. Also, looking at this I am not sure what to expect what tapping on the plus button would do in comparison to the primary icon on the center of the navigation bar. It seems to be a filter icon but I wonder if the primary action would be a search feature that would also allow me to add filters to my search. Visual Design Thanks this app is looking very nice! I really like the colors, the icons, and a lot of the really solid typography you have here. In the 'Your neighbors' section on the home screen, it looks like we can only display for neighbors at a time based on the spacing you have to find for that section. I wonder if decreasing the drop shadow and removing the stroke around each one of those cards could actually allow you to add more space and therefore more neighbors displaying on the grid list. I also wonder if, on the chat screen, the timestamps that you have on each of the chat bubbles may be a bit too small for some users to be able to read. Overall, this is very nice work, Chirag! I hope this feedback helps!