Hey there, This is such a useful idea, where newbies to town can get to know their neighborly hood. I designed this concept with these things in my mind. Design should be fresh, trendy, and easy to understand! In the first screen, I have introduced a feature where people could search based on upcoming plans like going to a movie theatre, hiking, parties, and so on. Who knows you may find your fitness or even gaming partner in there too! Also, there will be a customized social feed for everyone, making it easier to know about your gang. In the second screen, we have filer by interests, and also people who are nearby will be shown along with "Match score" based on some simple questions on how they answer... So most times, the people you find will be easy to socialize with you, as your interests will be the same! In the third screen, we have a profile user profile where we could view their interest and also their upcoming plans like going on cycling, movies so that anyone interested could join too! You could follow them and then even send messages after... The perfect tool to find you peeps and get to know our community better! Thanks for reading:)

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Thankyou so much for your insightful feedback Mr.Andy😍 As you said, in social feed it acts more like filters so that they could search activites based on their mood, example if you are interested in going on cycling, you could see who already does that in our friends list...This is mainly cause as user selects multiple interest at a time then their social feed is going to be related to all those stuffs but based on their mood, now they could explore only particular ones! In my experience, i guess being newbie in town is already difficult and people will be scared to accept request from unknown but having common interests and joining them in their plans will make it more socializable... cause I feel we can't make friends just being in same neighbourhood as a reason!
Hi Harshath! Thank you for taking the time to come up with this solution and to share it here! As the guest judge for this week's challenge, I am very excited to offer some feedback on what you did great and where this experience could potentially see some improvement. **Overall Solution** I really like how you are approaching the solution of finding neighbors that you would be more likely to connect with via the activities and interests that align with what you like to do. I think the customized social feed idea, especially if that aligns with the interests of the user. I really think the match score is an interesting idea for sure. **UX** On the social screen, I can't say that I am very clear on the "Popular around you" section. I am not sure how those items relate to one another they seem like filters but I am not sure since they look different than the find by interest filters on the search screen. If those are filters, I wonder if making them consistent across screens could improve user's understanding and expectations. On the profile screen. It looks like Although the grid layout is visually pleasing, I wonder if this layout makes it look more like a photo album than a series of posts since they are not clearly shown in any sort of chronological order. I wonder if that naming would be more clear. **Visual Design** The visuals here are very impressive. I like your choices in color, button design, Image, and map layouts. Overall, this is awesome work! I hope this feedback helps!
Thankyou so much Shubhda sharma😇
Impressive work Harshath :) Keep up the good work!
Feels fresh. Makes good use of wide range colors and still remaining uncluttered and functional. Its refreshing to look..
I like this a lot! great work Harshath! Good luck with the competition