I've designed a App UI using glassmorphism style. The concept of the app is very simple, whenever you are in a city or town, you can easily connect with your neighbors and interact with them via chatting and video calling. You can also create social groups and help each other out. This can make it easy for people who are moving to new place connect to their neighbors easily.

Feedback (1)
Hey Rishav! **Thank you for taking the time to come up with this solution and to share it here! As the guest judge for this week's challenge, I am very excited to be able to offer some feedback as to what you did great and where this experience could potentially see some improvement. Overall Solution Nice work! This design and user flow seem very straightforward. you make it very simple to let users find in instantly connect with their neighbors. UX I think your Maps screen looks very nice! You have a lot of the elements that I think would be very helpful for users to be able to find the closest neighbors and then take action on connecting with them. I think something that would be potentially very interesting is how users would react to jumping the first time into this application, finding the closest meeting, and then starting a video call with a person they have never spoken to or been acquainted with. I wonder if that would be something users would not use when searching for new neighbor relationships and therefore this feature would not make sense on this screen. I worry that if users accidentally clicked on the video chat icon from the map when searching for new connections if that would potentially be an embarrassing experience for some users. I wonder if just having that action on the messages page would offer enough friction to avoid those accidental taps. Visual Design The visual design here is very strong! All of your text is very readable you use very great colors and icons and some very strong visual styling all to help this look very professional, nice work! Overall, excellent work on this, Rishav! I hope this feedback is helpful!