My neighbour finding app allows you to easily find local neighbours and events using your phone. Once your account is setup, your neighbours will be able to find your profile in their feed immediately and connect with you. If at any time you don’t want to connect, you can decline invites or hide your profile from neighbours. This app brings together neighbours, events and their shared interests. Your interests are shown on your profile and in the discover tab so you can find similar neighbours around you. The app lists all upcoming events for your area so you can join socials or community projects and get to know new people as a group. Alternatively, you can start your new friendships through the in-built chat. Join groups or chat 1-on-1 and discover your new neighbours today. All new profiles will be required to verify their accounts to ensure safety and legitimacy of the users.

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Congrats on winning 🥳🥳🥳
Hey Ben! **Thank you for taking the time to come up with this solution and to share it here! As the guest judge for this week's challenge, I am very excited to be able to offer some feedback as to what you did great and where this experience could potentially see some improvement. **Overall Solution** Nice work! I am really liking the different solutions that you have here! One I think is very cool is the local events option. I like how the app could help facilitate social gatherings amongst neighbors. I also like how you are considering verified accounts for safety, i think that would be a great feature. **UX** I wonder if the "new " labels could use a bit more contrast. With their bright green color with white text, they may be a bit hard to read for some users. On the discover neighbors screen, in terms of taking action, my eye was initially drawn to the orange pills, I assumed those were going to be a way to connect or view more about those people but then I discovered that they seem to be interests. I wonder if you could avoid that confusion if those appeared to be less like action buttons and more like the interest emoji you have on the profile page. Additionally, does the waving hand emoji (button) allow you to connect? On the profile screen, I wasn't sure what the thumbs up emoji or the thumbs down emoji do especially since this is the user's profile. I wonder if those could be improved with labels. **Visual Design** Overall, I am think the design you have here is really slick. I really like the visual design for the initial onboarding screen! Great use of imagery, Emoji, and depth to help visualize the app's purpose. Throughout the app, your use of space and visual hierarchy is very well done. Your design components look great and are consistent across the board. Overall, really nice work. This looks and feels very a polished solution! Great Job, Ben!
Amazing design Ben! Really like how you chose the layout and colors... Nice work
Looks good man! Keep up the great work!
Amazing work Ben! I really like the font and uniqueness in the design. Good luck! :)