I understand the requirements for the problem. I thought what would help me if I'm in the same place. Then I worked on it. Asked a couple of people if this would help them too. Only after complete survey I was able to make the simplest design to find neighbour.

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Very upto the point. Impressive work👏👏
Simple and straight forward
Hey Gautam! Thank you for taking the time to come up with this solution and to share it here! As the guest judge for this week's challenge, I am very excited to be able to offer some feedback as to what you did great and where this experience could potentially see some improvement. Overall Solution Great work on this, Gautam! I am impressed that you took the time to survey some potential users to better understand how to design this solution. I like how you have laid out the map and list view to help you find individuals via their locations and then take actions from the slide-up list view. UX I like the simple interaction that you have on this screen. The swipe-up interaction to view the other nearby users is very intuitive. I like the icons and labels you have for the different actions a user can take on each neighbor. I was wondering about what appears to be the notification icon on the top right of the screen. Is that a function that users would commonly use on the map view? I was not clear on the difference between the two map icons. It seems like the bottom "crosshair" icon would show your location on the map but from my experience, the "arrow" icon on the top also does the same thing in many navigational and map applications. I would not feel confident about which icon does what. I wonder if this could improve if those were more clear. Visual Design I am a fan of the colors, icons, and visual simplicity you use here. It looks very friendly and approachable. One potential area for improvement here could be the spacing. I wonder if your users could benefit, for example, by seeing more individuals on the swiped-up list view. If you played with the size of each neighbor card, made the user name smaller, rearranged some of the elements on each section, reduced a bit of white space in the bottom navigation section, that could result in requiring less scrolling for your users. Overall, this is great work, Gautam!
This is the best concept as far. Can find anyone near me in just two steps.
Most simplest design.
Beautiful work. Great design
This is the most simplified and elegant design. This should actually get recognition.