For this week's design challenge, I have designed an easy to use COVID 19 Vaccine slot booking app. On the home screen, you can find your vaccination status, insights on your last vaccination and also a countdown for the next dose. After searching for a vaccination center by applying preferable filters, you may book the vaccine at ease by selecting your preferable time and date. After booking the slot, you can add the event to your calendar.

Feedback (1)
Hey Hrithik, thank you for participating in this week's challenge! I apologize for the delay in getting you feedback. You have done a great job solving this week's challenge and doing it in a simple way. I was a bit confused by the first card on the left page because the green text made me think that the person had finished getting vaccinated. If you want to show that someone has 1 of 2 vaccines, I would suggest showing both and making one complete but leaving the second unchecked. I really like how you have combined the vaccine type with the available times. I would consider graying out the rest of the options once one is selected so users don't try to pick multiple options. Visually I would try to make more of a hierarchy within your cards. You have done a great job using different weights but I would make important text bigger and make sure that the subtext doesn't get too small. Like I said above I was a bit confused by the colors of the text since green, yellow, and red all mean something to people and it doesn't feel like you kept that pattern. I hope these suggestions help, thanks again for participating!